On-going Journey

14 05 2010

This is neither the end nor the beginning. It is an on-going journey!

A warm greeting from Journalism Board 2009/2010!

If you have been checking this site from time to time, we would like to apologise for not updating this blog as we promised. Journalism Board was assigned with the task of holding a whole new event by ELC which is “The Chronicler”, a creative writing competition. The preparation started in the month of February. Nevertheless, this is not an excuse for us to abandon our responsibility towards our club and we are deeply sorry for that. Hopefully, with modification of the existing ELC board, we shall see more improvement in this blog.

As we all know, study week has commenced. How time flies, huh? Another semester is going to pass us by and without realising it; the Journalism Team has been serving the club for one year already. The experience that we have gone through for the past 2 semesters is totally irreplaceable. It was all started from modifying this blog itself. I still remembered Wai Choong and me took few hours at IRC just to look for a suitable layout for the blog and brainstorm the ideas on the sections to be included. When our three members were recruited, Amira, Ashikin and Rosma, this was when Journalism Board started to work on the writings. Surely you have come across the posts on movies, sports, songs, Raya and so on if you have been reading this blog from the very beginning.

Other than that, our team was assigned the task of holding Scribes Showcase, a sub-event of Octoberfest last semester and for this semester, we improvised and made it a stand-alone event with a whole new name, which is “The Chronicler”. The theme for this first edition was humour and that’s reason for the event to be called, “The Chronicler: Pen-A-LOL”. The submission was rather encouraging and it is hoped that this event will be conducted every semester.

The Chronicler organising committee

What makes this edition special is that ELC has founded its own GLEE club, which was initiated by Wai Choong himself. Naming ourselves “Flamin’ Lips”, we have our debut performance by singing “Don’t Stop Believin’” during The Chroniclers Award Night. I have been enjoying myself during the practice and not to mention the performance itself.  In fact, all of us were! Hopefully, we can really make “Flamin’ Lips” works and gets to perform more in the future.

When “The Chronicler” ended, it was already the second half of the semester. Everyone started to get busy with their academic commitment; tests, projects, assignments, reports and list goes on and on. Journalism Team was not excluded. Unfortunately, this has caused ELC Gazette to be neglected. We hope the future Journalism Board won’t repeat the same mistake as we did.

Perhaps some of you are aware, ELC Election was held on 3rd May 2010 and new line of HICOMS have been appointed to lead the club for 2010/2011 session. They are:

Mohamad Shahril as Student Advisor,
Kan Wai Choong as President,
Kerry Tan as Vice President,
Yashadini as Treasurer,
and myself as Secretary.

We have modified our club’s organisation in hoping that we can improve the club’s performance. These will be manpowers that will be leading ELC for the next 2 semesters.


As Nabila Lau, former president said, “Work well, blend well”.

I guess it is about time to end this post. This also marks the end of the service of Journalism Board 2009/2010. We would like to say thanks to ELC for giving us the trust to take care of this blog.  We hope that  the new team of Journalism will continue to improvise and improve this blog to make it better in the future.

With this, I pass the responsibility of handling this blog to the new Journalism Team, Chik Ee Mun and Daphnee Lo.

Wish you all the best! 😀

Steward Baba
Assistant HOD
Journalism Board 2009/2010

p/s To our dear former president, Nabila Lau and student advisor, Jayiza, wish you all the the best in your internship. Will miss you while you are away and take care. 🙂




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14 05 2010

all the best to the new line of committee! 🙂 definitely will miss miss miss you all:))

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